Tips to Make Your Move an Easy One

Moving is a daunting task – there’s no doubt. Here at Hampton Plaza Apartments, we’ve gotten to know thousands of residents moving to downtown Towson over the years, commiserating with them during their move-in process, so we’re pretty familiar with the ins and outs of moving to a new apartment.

Though there’s no guaranteed stress-free way to move from home to home, over the past several decades, we’ve picked up some tips that might help make your move a little smoother than it might be otherwise.

Plan Ahead

Get a head start on a great moving day by planning ahead, even before you start the packing process

  • Purge: Donate and discard items you do not regularly use or need
  • Start a File: Dedicate a file to notes about bills you’ll need to forward, addresses you’ll need to update and services you’ll need to discontinue; that way, you can tackle all the cancellations and forwards in an organized manner
  • Change Your Address: Don’t forget to officially change your address both with services (like credit cards) and with the post office and DMV

Start Packing Early

The earlier you start, the easier packing will be. Earlier packing also gives you an opportunity to sell items or donate without a rush.

  • Dedicate a Space: So you don’t feel like you’re living in a messy space, dedicate one part of your house to boxes and packing (preferably an out of the way spot you can avoid)
  • Start with Non-Essentials: First, pack away things you don’t use on a regular basis (this is a great time to identify which items you might be able to sell or donate)

Pack Smart

Packing itself is the toughest part of the job. These tips will help you handle it as smoothly as possible:

  • Keep boxes under 50 pounds
  • Cluster items by room, packing things that will go together in the home into boxes together
  • Make sure the boxes are sturdy and taped well
  • Label box contents on the outside
  • Use fragile stickers when necessary
  • Use lots of packing materials to keep your items safe and sound
  • Electronics components should be individually wrapped
  • When packing mirrors and glass-front pictures, use masking tape in a star pattern to protect the glass, then separate from other pictures or mirrors with layers of bubble wrap or foam
  • Consider crating especially valuable or special items

On Moving Day

When moving day comes, be prepared for a busy and possibly hectic adventure.

  • Grab Cash: If you’re working with movers, you may want to tip them, so be sure to have some cash on hand
  • Find Tools: Make sure you have scissors or a knife readily available (not packed away), so you can easily open boxes that are taped
  • Say Hello: Move-in day (or possibly the next day) is a great time to introduce yourself to the people you’ll be living near, including immediate neighbors, front desk staff and the people working at local shops you’ll frequent

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