Spotlight on………Gloria R and Laith A on the 3rd floor

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Gloria & Laith

Gloria and Laith have been married for six years and have lived at Hampton Plaza for four years.

Their family has expanded in that time to include two beautiful boys -Aliyan and Haydar.

They are a very multicultural family. Gloria is originally from Peru and has been here since she was 18. She has a degree in network technology after studying at Notre Dame and CCBC. Her father is in this country and lives only an hour away. She has a sister in Delaware. Her mother still lives in Peru but visits Gloria frequently. 

Laith is from Jordan and his parents are from Iraq. He arrived in this country with his parents when he was 7. His parents live in Glen Burnie. Laith works for T-Mobile as a technician and it was at T-Mobile that he met Gloria.

Currently, Gloria is working as a real estate agent and is doing quite well. In only 7 months on the job, she has sold 7 homes! Once Gloria really gets established in her new career Laith hopes to open an automotive repair shop.  

Their children are so lucky to have parents from such different backgrounds. Since they will be exposed to both Christian and Muslim traditions in their home I am sure they will learn to respect the many diverse backgrounds of others that they will encounter throughout their lives.


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IMG 3651

We are so happy to have this wonderful young family at Hampton Plaza. 

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