Residential Spotlight on………. Catherine B on the 3rd floor

Catherine, also known as Ann, has been a resident at Hampton Plaza for 10 years. We appreciate her kind, gentle and soft-spoken manner. She is always a pleasure to be around.

Visually impaired since birth, as well as her three brothers, Catherine had a rough start in life.

All the children were brought up in foster care, an experience that was just okay at best.  She went to the Maryland School for the Blind. Back in the 1950’s the school was segregated. They had a boarding program and the white children slept separately from the black children. One despicable teacher told Catherine that he did not expect Catherine to amount to much. Catherine proved him wrong.

For 41 years she was a Youth Care Specialist at the school teaching children the life skills they needed to be independent adults. This was very rewarding work, and her students still remember her fondly.

At the Alumni Association Catherine met June, Alan, and Kimberly. They were to become like family to Catherine. At some future point Catherine plans to join them in Virgina. Other close friends are from The Hiss Church on Harford Road- Louise and Betty. They are wonderful at helping Catherine with paperwork and shopping.

Catherine went to Disney World several years ago. The fun memories of that trip she will be with her forever. We hope that there are many more wonderful experiences ahead for Catherine.

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