RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – Malford B on the 4th floor

No one could be prouder of his children than Malford.

All four adult children are highly educated and successful in their respective careers.  The saying goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and in this case, Malford has set a wonderful example for his family and set a very high bar for them to surpass.

Malford had over 30 years of experience working in finance for major corporations. He worked as a senior accountant and analyst for The Mobile Oil Corporation, Zenith Laboratories, The Cadbury Schweppes Beverage Group, and others. His success was based on his understanding and appreciation of math.

In his retirement, Malford decided he wants his legacy to be the educational empowerment of the next generation of young people. His Early Childhood Math Development Foundation, which he established in 2015, provides scholarships to needy families for supplemental math enrichment programs. He works tirelessly fund-raising for this foundation.  

Thank you, Malford, for choosing to reside at Hampton Plaza for the last six years and for contributing your time and energy to helping the younger generation succeed. Hampton Plaza is richer having you as a resident. 


extra credit points for anyone who can name the shinning star posing with Malford

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