Resident Spotlight on……Robin S. on the 4th floor


Robin has been at Hampton Plaza for about six years. She has made so many friends while living here, which is not at all surprising given her outgoing, friendly demeanor and infectious laugh. She is a real asset to our community.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Robin worked for 34 years at the post office before retiring when she was 56 years old. After living in her own home for many years, Hampton Plaza is her first apartment! She went to Catholic high school. Robin has a brother and a sister and is very close with her four nephews and one great-niece.

Robin really enjoys crafting, and her specialty is making beautiful wreaths. She also loves to sing karaoke.  Robin is a very good dancer and was even offered a dance scholarship when she was younger. She was just too attached to her family to leave Baltimore, so she never went any further with it.

Robin says that one of the things that she loves to do best is to help other people. She will happily run errands or take people to doctor’s appointments. She is such a wonderful person, and it is so good to hear her say that she has a very good life.

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