Hampton Plaza has a real dynamo living on the 9th floor. Lisa is full of positive energy and a “can-do” attitude that has led to her very full life and many accomplishments at the young age of 34.

She has been working at Johns Hopkins for the past 16 years. When she started out at Hopkins Lisa initially did the intake. She went to college where she studied marketing and finance and now is a financial operational analyst working on both local and international projects for Hopkins. Her work provides her with many fantastic opportunities to travel.

For many people that would be enough but not for Lisa. Her “hummingbird mind” has led her to take her art (she studied art at Carver High School) and her customer service background and spin it into many sideline businesses. She started an interior design business and she has clients in this country and abroad.  Life for Lisa was too quiet during the pandemic when she was restricted to working from home so she worked with the Ravens to help them enrich their fans’ experience. More. Lisa noticed when playing with her young nieces that the pretend food they played with did not include any international or ethnic choices. Now Lisa is creating a children’s toy line to fill that gap.  Even more!. Her love of drawing led her to tattooing.  After having worked in a shop she now does tattooing for private clients in their homes. 

Lisa is a person to watch. She is full of ideas and what she does with the rest of her life will most certainly be creative and amazing!

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