Resident Spotlight on ……… Dina A. and Aws B. on the 8th floor


We are so happy to have had this wonderful young family living at Hampton Plaza for the past 5 years. Dina and Aws, who have been married for nine years, add so much to our community by exposing everyone to the laughter and joy of their two boys- Taim (8 years old) and Adam (5.5 years old) as they prance through the lobby. Both boys love basketball, swimming and, of course, PlayStation!

Dina and Aws were raised and educated in Iraq. They came to Hampton Plaza after spending 4 years in Sweden. While there Aws worked in diplomatic relations and communications. Both he and Dina have degrees in IT engineering. Aws is currently working as a phone technician and Dina works for a different company marketing and selling phones.

Mohammad and Mustafa, Dina’s two brothers, and her father have all previously lived at Hampton Plaza. Dina says her family feels very safe and comfortable here and the boys are happy and doing well at their school.

Thank you for that great recommendation! We hope you remain with us for many years to come.


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