Resident Spotlight – Dr. Richard on the 18th Floor

In his 95 years, Richard G has seen a lot and has also accomplished more than most of us.

As a veteran of WWII, he participated in the famous invasion of Okinawa and the Philippine Liberation. Having survived these two harrowing campaigns, Dr. G went on to make much of his life.

He studied and then worked as a watchmaker and then as a diamond setter. Tremendously steady hands and keen eyesight are a must in these fields. His hand-to-eye coordination must have been superb to have worked in two professions where absolute precision is required. In watch-making, tolerances are measured in microns!

On to pharmacy school! Dr. G. attended the University of Maryland Pharmacy school and had his own pharmacy for 25 years. After selling his business to Rite Aid, he continued to work for the chain for another 12 years.

Now widowed, Dr. G has a wonderful daughter and two grandchildren. We are so lucky that for the past 29 years, the exceptional Dr. Greenberg has been a resident at Hampton Plaza.

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