RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – Anja & Angelo P on the 15th floor


Anja and Angelo have been at Hampton Plaza for three years.

Angelo works as a benefits administrator and Anja is an occupational therapist. Anja’s soft accent is from Germany. She arrived in this country as an au pair, met Angelo, and the rest is history! They have been married for 6 years.

This young couple has gone through all the training and met all the requirements to become foster parents. This is not an easy process and takes real dedication and commitment. They have been able to help a few children short-term but they are open to providing a home to a child for a longer stretch of time.  

Anja tells me they really enjoy the location of Hampton Plaza and the variety of activities that are easily accessible to them.  In fact, Angelo has been so happy living here that we now have his mother as a tenant. Thank you, Angelo, for the referral; a recommendation like that means so much to us!



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