Trick or Treat Extravaganza

We are trying something new this year to make Halloween special.

On Sunday, October 31, from 1 pm-2 pm, please bring your kids/grandkids to the courtyard for trick-or-treating. Costumes are encouraged but not necessary!

We have a few residents who will be there with candy/treats dressed up, but it would be extraordinary if we could have more participation.

How you can help:

Come down to the courtyard by 1 pm with a bowl of candy or treats, individually wrapped and in costume (optional but encouraged!). Grab a table and have some fun! You can even decorate the table, that would be swell! Note – we do not have electricity to plug in any decorations.

Parents and grandparents – please bring your kids down to the courtyard for trick-or-treating between 1 pm-2 pm!



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